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I like Fuuma's journal, so I logged in. 8D

Fuuma: It's impossible to not miss me. ♥

>>; That's because you never go away.

Fuuma: You want to deprive Kazuki of his father? How cruel.

Karen: *ear thwack* His father leaves much to be desired sometimes.

Fuuma: *lip quirk* But I more than make up for it in other ways.

Karen: Sometimes I wonder why I keep you in one piece, darling. *smiles*

Fuuma: Because of how many pieces I can break anyone who messes with Kazuki into, of course.

Karen: *hint of real amusement* There is that.

ANYWAY. Yeah, we were talking in modern terms, yes? More of a normal world circumstance too I suppose? XD; Anyway, before I start tagging I should try to pound out a bit of backstory for my characters... all of whoever it is we were involving. I forget.

Billy's a college student. Studying Sociology and Religious Studies, with the plan to go into Social Work involving underprivileged children. :O In terms of age, I'd say 19/20 and about a year away from graduation and going into graduate school.

Jessiah is gone from home a lot working. He is legally unable to disclose what he does. Ostensibly, he works for a courier/delivery service. So I suppose it's like undercover secret agent man with Citan? XD

Rufus is the president of his family corporation. What said company does has yet to be determined. >>; Maybe they build robots that bake brownies. Only not.

Reno is one of Rufus's personal bodyguards, though he also gets assigned the grunt work that can't be taken care of in public. >>; I was thinking Rude could be in something similar, then Tseng is basically Rufus's right-hand man as normal. No official position title, just he's expected to be there?

Hervey is. I don't know. I keep asking for a valid profession and he just argues with me that YES HUH PIRATE IS COMPLETELY GOOD. :| I'm tempted to make him a crackpot actor who's also in a band. Aged around 27? Siggy'd be in the band with him, but Siggy has more reputable job as a journalist/writer as well.

...wait, was I taking Elza or were YOU taking Elza? XD;; Though I guess if you take her, she can mess with Katou and Mika-chan?

Katou is a professor of Philosophy, because that's the closest he can get to being a professional bum. He mostly just talks about metaphysical shit and argues with his students -- those he doesn't scare off anyway. XD;

I'll work on everyone else later, but here is a start. :3



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