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And who am I to deny her such a thing, really? 8D

Rude: *because he does have a loving girlfriend back on the islands somewhere who provides him with a good stock of remedies against hangovers (neither of them really trust Hojo on that), he is up and moving, a sluggish Reno in tow and a camera in his hands. He is, of course, quiet when he opens the door to the prince's temporary room, ready to be of service to his royal person. And the camera? That's to take pictures of Hervey on the floor, of course! .......Or not quite on the floor, it seems*

Reno: *hangover cure or not, he dislikes mornings on general principle, and probably wouldn't get up for them if it weren't for Rude. He did, of course, want to get blackmail pictures of Hervey in his less than dignified position on the floor, or at least that seemed a good idea the night before and was rather put out of mind with the early hour. Peeking over Rude's shoulder, he looked for the other pirate's familiar form on the floor... only to find it not there, but with the red-tinged strands peeking out from over the covers* Ha-! *with a hand clamped over his own mouth, he tried valiantly to stifle the snickers*

Sigurd: *stirred when he heard their cabin door open, as though able to sense that it wasn't Hervey coming back. His mind was half-alert, half-fogged with sleep as he opened his eyes and rolled onto one side, gaze about to head for the door when it strayed to the floor, then up to Hervey's bed* ....

Lucas: *normally, he would already be awake, but for some reason, his bed is very comfortable (more so than usual surprisingly!) and warm, thus keeping him well under and breathing peacefully*

Rude: *quirking a brow, he approaches the bed, not even saying hello to Sigurd because the other pirate knows they came in anyway (they'll "speak" later, no doubt) and pulls down his shades to have a proper look at the sleepers* ... *pushing his shades back up, he uncaps the camera and prepares to take a few good shots of this*

Hervey: *still has one arm wrapped around his bedmate, the other pillowed beneath his head, still lost deeply asleep and looking as though he is not about to wake on his own any time soon*

Sigurd: *casts Rude a baleful look, though allows this for now since it's Hervey's own fault for being a thoughtless drunk; he does feel for Sir Lucas, but moreso because of Hervey invading the other's sleeping space since he knows the potential blackmails is meant for the pirate alone, and would personally see to the photos should they be put to use against the prince*

Reno: *hangs out behind the door until he's gotten himself relatively under control, then joins Rude in the room, peering at the sleeping pair before plunking himself down on the foot of Sigurd's bed*

Lucas: *though mostly quiet, the sound of a camera clicking does cause him to stir eventually, a small frown appearing on his brow as he doesn't want to leave the arms of Morpheus yet*

Rude: *stops soon enough, having acquired a good amount of pictures of this situation -- in a few extra angles too! -- and recaps the lens. They will have to process these soon before Hervey gets a hold of it. .....Then again, he undoes the side of the camera and proceeds to taking the smartchip out just in case the fire-magic user decides to melt this down*

Lucas: *as for the prince, when the clicks are gone, he sighs in unconscious relief as the noise was starting to become truly annoying. However, the further sound of movement and fumbling with equipment force him to resign himself to waking and remove himself from the warmth of his bed. Before he even opens his eyes, he can register deep breathing gently swaying his back and something like breeze on the top of his head. There is also a heavy weigh around him, one that he's been holding onto since last night, he remembers, and slowly, the memory of the disturbance in his first night aboard this vessel comes back to him. He does not groan, it is beneath him to do so, but he does stare blankly at the wall for a moment before looking over his shoulder and, on the way, spots Rude standing beside the bed with a camera*

Rude: *while he could have escaped, it didn't seem the right thing to do, especially since half of the content of the blackmail material he got is the prince himself. Thus, as the seagreen eyes settle on his person, he bows silently to the prince, gestures to the camera and to Hervey himself as a way of explaining why this thing was here at all*

Lucas: *not a paparazzi ploy then... that's good at least, though he doesn't show the displeasure he feels at knowing he's been taken in picture with a man -- one very annoying pirate, in fact -- in bed with him. He sighs again and tries to dislodge himself from Hervey who is still sleeping*

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Reno: *folds his legs beneath himself and cocks his head toward the pair as he mouths the words at Sigurd* 'They been like that all night'?

Sigurd: *shrugs at Reno, and nudges him in the side with his foot to get off*

Hervey: *when everyone else is awake he begins to stir himself, grumbling* Go'way. Sleeping. *he wants to roll back over and pull the blankets over his head like he normally does - most days, waking him before he gets up on his own is a feat to be accomplished rather than a simple task - but this time there is someone blocking his way. Oh. Right. So he wasn't just imagining that someone else was in his bed when he got there. Huh.*

Reno: *once he sees Lucas is awake he hops up and gives a flourished bow as well, untucked shirt tails, messily kept hair, and mischievious grin ruining whatever effect it might have had*

Sigurd: *gets up, casting an apologetic look toward Lucas before shaking Hervey by the shoulder* Time to wake up.

Hervey: Don't wanna. *cracks an eye open, looking at Sigurd, then over to the other side* ...YOU. It's you! Why are you in my bed? *has forgotten any agreement he had whatsoever to giving up his sleeping space*

Sigurd: *sighs* Hervey, we went over that last night.

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Hervey: *hastily starts to get up, getting tangled in his sheets in the process* What stopped you from tossing me out onto the floor? *for some reason he finds himself bothered that Lucas allowed him to spend the night in such a situation as well as annoyed at himself for finding it so accommodating, no matter how unwitting*

Sigurd: *grabs Hervey's elbow before he trips himself out of bed* You were supposed to sleep on the floor, remember?

Hervey: *gives Sigurd a withering look as he sits heavily back down from his half-risen position* Obviously not.

Reno: *props himself against Rude, fishing in his pocket for the flask he keeps with him -- it never hurts to always be prepared* Aw, Sig, you disturbed the lovebirds from their - aha! *victorious, uncorks the top and takes a swig before passing it along to Rude* - peaceful slumber.

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Hervey: You don't have a discussion! You just kick the person out and let him figure out what's going on! *ignores the fact that when drunk he probably would've just climbed back in* You mean you'd rather have awkward morning after moments? *exasperated and his head hurts*

Sigurd: *pours a glass of water and presses it into Hervey's hand as he points out calmly* Hervey, he has a point. What would you have done if Sir Rufus found you like that last night?

Reno: *snickers* Yeeeah, remember the last time boss got woken up? Wasn't a pretty sight.

Hervey: Oh. *thinks back* ...swam really fast? D: *gulps down some of the liquid*

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Hervey: *scoffs* I know how to swim, thank you very much.

Sigurd: But for that long and that far? *sits back down on his bed*

Hervey: *ignoring that fact*

Reno: *fishes in Rude's pocket for a lighter and waves it in front of Tseng* Trade? Shooting down on the spot's what happens if he's lucky. If he's not, there won't be enough pieces left to do a proper burial.

Hervey: You don't have to remind me! D:

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Reno: *pockets the cigarettes for later -- who knows, they could prove useful*

Hervey: The plank hasn't been used in a long time. *pause to think that over* Doyouthinkhewould?

Sigurd: *turns toward Lucas to address the question* Yes. Sir Rufus had it added on a few months after Hervey and I arrived.

Reno: It's probably just for show, but a plank's a plank so it's not like that'll take away from its utility. *nabs the flask back to take a drink*

Hervey: Can we stop talking about this?

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Hervey: He can't control the sharks. *not too certain about this* ...can he?

Sigurd: As far as we are aware, no.

Reno: *grins* But given that it's the Boss, he could probably order 'em around too.

Hervey: That's not funny. D:

Reno: *snickers* Would you rather have your lungs crushed as you plummet toward the bottom of the sea?

Hervey: ...can I take the third option and not be in any of these situations?

Sigurd: I'm afraid you might've waived that already.



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