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Since Billy doesn't have a journal, Fuuma gets to post it. ;D

Zack: *knocks at Billy's room's door 'cos he knows the priest is working today*

Billy: *doesn't look up from the scroll he's writing on, though he does spare a moment to ask* Who is it?

Zack: *peeks his head in and salutes to Billy* Hey, busy again today?

Billy: *pauses mid-word to look over his shoulder at Zack* You could say that. You? *resumes where he left off in neat, even script*

Zack: Survived another meeting with the general. *comes into the room, closing the door behind him and walking over to look at Billy's scroll* I thought I'd come and say hi.

Billy: *bemused* What were you in trouble for this time? *is finishing up loose ends regarding the latest mishap with the prince*

Zack: Well... Somehow, there was an information leak somewhere... Pictures of the General gardening, in fact. *innocent*

Billy: *finishes his sentence and puts his pen down entirely to turn around, one brow raised as he shifts in his seat* And why ever did he think you would be involved with that?

Zack: *large bemused eyes* That's what I'm wondering too! It's not as if I was the only one who knew where his gardening patch is located.

Billy: *corners of his lips quirk, though he schools expression into looking stern* No, of course not. And you wouldn't ever dream of blackmailing anyone, now would you?

Zack: *doing a good job not smirking TOO obviously. His tone is still innocent, of course* To what purpose would I blackmail the general? Really, Billy, I wonder where you get those ideas from.

Billy: *a good job, perhaps, but he knows Zack well enough to feel the smirk lurking there* I suppose in dealing with other people's sins so often it gives me a paranoid mind. *wry* Because you'd never want to give the General more to deal with.

Zack: Exactly, yet Seph didn't seem to understand that. *le dejected sigh* Shigure is much more likely to do such things than I am.

Billy: Though that then raises the question of where Shigure would hear about the General's gardening from.

Zack: Didn't Ayame somehow find out about it on his own?

Billy: *mock thoughtful* Hmm, I don't think so, since the entire castle thus far has not known about it.

Zack: I thought for sure he did though.

Billy: Perhaps, I have not spoken with him on the matter. *brushes his fringe of bangs back* Are you still the prime suspect?

Zack: He was commenting about the beauty of it just the other day. I guess you missed that. *most freely rearranges Billy's bangs since he likes them ruffled more than the neat Billy made them into* Why would you think I still am?

Billy: *suffers the bang rearranging though he catches Zack's wrist* Because the General is always most likely to suspect his second-in-command in these situations?

Zack: *doesn't pull away at all... in fact, uses his OTHER hand to push some of that hair out of Billy's face* Even when I'm innocent?

Billy: *frowns slightly as he rolls his eyes and catches Zack's other hand too* Does anyone ever believe you're 'innocent'?

Zack: Of course there are! *desperate times call for desperate mesures... thus he quite boldly nuzzles Billy's hair* The girls for example do. *especially when Kintarou's there, but that's neither here nor there*

Billy: *blinks at the hair nuzzling, but doesn't seem to mind it all that much* Mm, though the girls seem to like you enough to believe the best out of you. *mildly teasing* The same can't be said for everyone else.

Zack: Mm... *good since he's not going to pull away right away* Too bad for everyone else then, thinking me guilty when I'm perfectly guilt-free. *indeed, feels no guilt blackmailing Seph*

Billy: Indeed. *maybe even leans a bit toward Zack; maybe* It's easier to just think you're completely and utterly shameless.

Zack: *smiles into Billy's hair* You got me there.

Billy: That's what you get for hanging around so much.

Zack: But you never send me away. How am I to know I hang around too much?

Billy: *pulls back to look at Zack with perfectly innocent expression* Who said anything about too much?

Zack: *grins* You do realize I now feel obligated to visit more often.

Billy: How careless of me. *lips quirk slightly* Are you going to try to outstay your welcome?

Zack: *raises a brow* Am I already doing that?

Billy: Not yet. *frees one of Zack's hands to tug on the other's hair*

Zack: Well, that's good then. *tugged by the hair and just leans forward with that movement* I -was- wondering just how else I was going to fill my afternoon.

Billy: *fingers slide into Zack's hair and ruffles the already messy strands as payback for earlier* You could spend it dodging further accusation.

Zack: *obviously doesn't mind it as he's still grinning* Then I found my refuge already.

Billy: *mildly teasing* So you're willing to drag me into trouble along with you?

Zack: Who says I'm in trouble?

Billy: *wry* You're not, until you're caught.

Zack: They won't know to look for me here. *confident*

Billy: Yes, since most people don't think to disturb me at all to begin with.

Zack: And we like it that way.*drops a quick kiss on Billy's lips*

Billy: Mm. *doesn't return the kiss, though he does pout a bit when it's over* It does keep away unwanted questions.

Zack: *brushes that pouting lip with a thumb* Wouldn't want unfounded rumors to reach the girls' ears after all.

Billy: *turns his head to brush his lips lightly against Zack's palm as he murmurs, looking up at the other with innocent eyes* And I'm sure you'd never think of corrupting the royal priest.

Zack: *that feels very pleasant and causes him to stare all the more intensely at the priest* Why, I would -never- get such sinful thoughts, Father Billy.

Billy: *returns Zack's gaze innocuously* No, of course not. My mistake for suggesting it in the first place.

Zack: Mm... *low voice as he leans closer again* Loving Billy Lee Black however is neither corrupted nor a sin, is it?

Billy: *tilts his head back as he says in prim and proper tones* Love in any form is never a sin so long as it lies true in your heart. *allows a slight grin to form on his lips* Though it is probably best to not let others know it is not a sin to love me, unless you want to attract competition.

Zack: I believe I'll be selfish for a while longer and let them believe in that misconception. Aerith aside, I can't imagine who else could help you properly with the girls after all.

Billy: I can't either, since I don't see the General as being good with children.

Zack: At least he's good with plants?

Billy: I don't think the girls would take to him much if he tried to water them.

Zack: I don't think Seph'd appreciate the water balloon fights either.

Billy: Probably not, but then again he isn't likely to be the one to instigate them.

Zack: They're very fun and entertaining, you have to admit.

Billy: I'd rather watch than participate.

Zack: Just you wait. Primera'll convince you someday. *teasing*

Billy: We'll see. *slips his arms around Zack's neck*

Zack: I guess. *takes the opportunity to properly kiss his companion*

Billy: *this time returns the kiss just as properly*



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