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Fuuma: *returns to the ship with Kazuki*

Rufus: *eyes* Who may I ask is that?

Fuuma: Uh, my son.

Rufus: ...your son was born an eight year old.

Fuuma: You got it.

Rufus: Dare I ask who the mother is?

Fuuma: Didn't need one.

Rufus: ...I don't want to know.


Rude: *adjusts his glasses*

Reno: Yo, Rude, I found us a new drinkin' buddy. *claps Hervey on the back*

Rude: *slight raise of brow from behind his shades* Really?

Reno: Booze is serious business. I wouldn't joke about that. *grins* His name's Hervey. And Hervey, this is Rude.

Hervey: *waves and :D because he can only take drinking with Sigurd and Sigurd not getting tipsy for so long* Nice too meet ya.

Rude: *grunts a greeting*


Hervey: HEY. Sigurd, I have something to show you. :D

Sigurd: What is i-- *sees Lucas, facepalms* Do you know what you've done this time?

Hervey: Captured a prisoner? :O

Lucas: . . .


Sigurd: *dragging Hervey over by the ear*

Hervey: Owowowowow.

Sigurd: *knocks with his free hand* Sir Rufus?

Rufus: Enter. *looks up as the two enter, gaze goes to Hervey* What did he do this time?

Sigurd: Tell him.

Hervey: But. D:

Sigurd: *ear twist* Tell him.

Hervey: Ow! Fine! Ikindofkidnappedtheprinceoftheislands.

Rufus: *if he facepalmed, he would do so now*


Rufus: *is glaring at you, Hervey*

Hervey: *gulps* I'll throw him back! And then everything will be okay, right?

Sigurd: *does facepalm, and takes advantage of that now* He's a prince, not a fish.


Rufus: No. It's not okay. Kidnapping on my orders is one thing, but presently we are not prepared to take on the entire royal army unless you wish to do so yourself.

Hervey: *well, if that'll get Rufus to stop glaring at him like that then* Sure? :D;;;


Tseng: Take care of him, Rude. *leaves*

Rude: *was tasked to watch over Lucas, wut* ...

Lucas: *seated at a table with food and just not really touching it because he got kidnapped* So...

Nataku: *kinda staring at the prince guy person* Aren't you hungry?

Lucas: *too unsettled with his situation to think about food* Not really... *looks at the child* Did you get kidnapped too?

Nataku: *looks confused* What's 'kidnapped'?

Lucas: It's when you're taken away by force from your home. *frowns a bit..maybe this child actually belongs here? He didn't see any women around though*

Nataku: Oh... Daddy took me away from the laboratories... Does that count? :O

Lucas: *dot dot dot*


Rufus: So where is he right now?

Hervey: Uhhhh....

Sigurd: I asked Sir Tseng to see to his needs.

Rufus: I suppose that will do. *steeples his fingers and ponders what to do next*

Hervey: Thanks Sigurd! *:D*

Rufus: *looks at Hervey again, then leans back in his chair*

Hervey: ... *D: edging toward the door*

Sigurd: Hervey.

Hervey: *makes a quiet gesture* Shh. I'm being stealthy. *bolts!*

Sigurd: Should I retrieve him, sir?

Rufus: No, keep him out of my sight if you value having him around.

Sigurd: Yes, sir.


Rude: *is following a certain duo of younger males because he shouldn't let the prince out of his sight, even if his presence here is... most puzzling*

Nataku: *took to taking Lucas on a trip around the boat* :O And that's called a mast. Daddy didn't tell me how it stands up like that, but it does.

Lucas: *will just smile and nod (more like just nod) while being dragged by the hand by a little boy* How much did your daddy show you?

Nataku: A lot! But not everything yet. He says there's tons of things he can't explain right away because it'll take him years to show them all. *giggles*

Lucas: So you know everything about the ship?

Nataku: Not everything! But a lot. *points eagerly* Look up there, it's the bird's nest. Daddy says there aren't really birds there when I asked though. *looks at Lucas* Why is it called like that if it doesn't have birds?

Lucas: I think it's because it has the shape of a bird's nest.

Nataku: Really? *never saw an actual one*


Fuuma: *is rowing toward the boat to catch up since he had to make a detour*

Karen: You know, you could just bring Kazuki with you on occasion.

Fuuma: We're only on land when we're doing raids these days. Would you want me to bring him that close to peril?

Karen: *eyes Fuuma* That's why you keep him out of the way and safe above all else.

Fuuma: Yes, dear, I know. He's still in one piece now, isn't he?

Karen: So next time just drop him off before you do the whole pillage and plunder bit.

Fuuma: But then I wouldn't get a chance to show you off. :)

Karen: Just keep rowing before I kick you.

Fuuma: *and we're at the boat, jumps onboard because X people have the 'I can jump higher than your skyscraper skills'*

Karen: *follows suit, sees Kazuki with a blonde boy she doesn't know* Who's that?

Fuuma: Hmm.

Reno: *slouches over* Hervey's new cabin boy or somethin'. He picked him not too long ago. *grins at Karen* Hey babe. You're lookin' as good as ever.

Karen: Same goes for you, hon. *smiles at Reno* Do you ever expect your flattery to get you anywhere?

Reno: No, that's why I give it so freely. But a guy can dream~ ;D

Karen: *ruffles Reno's hair as she detaches from Fuuma and goes toward Nataku* Careful now, 'hubby' might get jealous.

Fuuma: Nah, I'll leave that for 'special Uncle Aoki'.

Karen: *and for that Fuuma gets a whack upside the head*


Nataku: *was still babbling and dragging Lucas and--by proxy--Rude along* And that's the railing and... *blinks... sees his parents* :D! That's mommy and daddy making friends again!

Lucas: *following Nataku's pointing and...sweatdrops* They're..making friends that way?

Nataku: Well, daddy says mommy makes friends by setting people on fire. :O But he's already really good friends with mommy so she doesn't need to set him on fire. :3 Mommy says she makes sure to remind daddy she's really the bestest of friends with daddy by smacking him.

Lucas: ...Your parents are very loving, Kazuki.

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