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Fuuma: *returns to the ship with Kazuki*

Rufus: *eyes* Who may I ask is that?

Fuuma: Uh, my son.

Rufus: ...your son was born an eight year old.

Fuuma: You got it.

Rufus: Dare I ask who the mother is?

Fuuma: Didn't need one.

Rufus: ...I don't want to know.


Rude: *adjusts his glasses*

Reno: Yo, Rude, I found us a new drinkin' buddy. *claps Hervey on the back*

Rude: *slight raise of brow from behind his shades* Really?

Reno: Booze is serious business. I wouldn't joke about that. *grins* His name's Hervey. And Hervey, this is Rude.

Hervey: *waves and :D because he can only take drinking with Sigurd and Sigurd not getting tipsy for so long* Nice too meet ya.

Rude: *grunts a greeting*


Hervey: HEY. Sigurd, I have something to show you. :D

Sigurd: What is i-- *sees Lucas, facepalms* Do you know what you've done this time?

Hervey: Captured a prisoner? :O

Lucas: . . .


Sigurd: *dragging Hervey over by the ear*

Hervey: Owowowowow.

Sigurd: *knocks with his free hand* Sir Rufus?

Rufus: Enter. *looks up as the two enter, gaze goes to Hervey* What did he do this time?

Sigurd: Tell him.

Hervey: But. D:

Sigurd: *ear twist* Tell him.

Hervey: Ow! Fine! Ikindofkidnappedtheprinceoftheislands.

Rufus: *if he facepalmed, he would do so now*


Rufus: *is glaring at you, Hervey*

Hervey: *gulps* I'll throw him back! And then everything will be okay, right?

Sigurd: *does facepalm, and takes advantage of that now* He's a prince, not a fish.


Rufus: No. It's not okay. Kidnapping on my orders is one thing, but presently we are not prepared to take on the entire royal army unless you wish to do so yourself.

Hervey: *well, if that'll get Rufus to stop glaring at him like that then* Sure? :D;;;


Tseng: Take care of him, Rude. *leaves*

Rude: *was tasked to watch over Lucas, wut* ...

Lucas: *seated at a table with food and just not really touching it because he got kidnapped* So...

Nataku: *kinda staring at the prince guy person* Aren't you hungry?

Lucas: *too unsettled with his situation to think about food* Not really... *looks at the child* Did you get kidnapped too?

Nataku: *looks confused* What's 'kidnapped'?

Lucas: It's when you're taken away by force from your home. *frowns a bit..maybe this child actually belongs here? He didn't see any women around though*

Nataku: Oh... Daddy took me away from the laboratories... Does that count? :O

Lucas: *dot dot dot*


Rufus: So where is he right now?

Hervey: Uhhhh....

Sigurd: I asked Sir Tseng to see to his needs.

Rufus: I suppose that will do. *steeples his fingers and ponders what to do next*

Hervey: Thanks Sigurd! *:D*

Rufus: *looks at Hervey again, then leans back in his chair*

Hervey: ... *D: edging toward the door*

Sigurd: Hervey.

Hervey: *makes a quiet gesture* Shh. I'm being stealthy. *bolts!*

Sigurd: Should I retrieve him, sir?

Rufus: No, keep him out of my sight if you value having him around.

Sigurd: Yes, sir.


Rude: *is following a certain duo of younger males because he shouldn't let the prince out of his sight, even if his presence here is... most puzzling*

Nataku: *took to taking Lucas on a trip around the boat* :O And that's called a mast. Daddy didn't tell me how it stands up like that, but it does.

Lucas: *will just smile and nod (more like just nod) while being dragged by the hand by a little boy* How much did your daddy show you?

Nataku: A lot! But not everything yet. He says there's tons of things he can't explain right away because it'll take him years to show them all. *giggles*

Lucas: So you know everything about the ship?

Nataku: Not everything! But a lot. *points eagerly* Look up there, it's the bird's nest. Daddy says there aren't really birds there when I asked though. *looks at Lucas* Why is it called like that if it doesn't have birds?

Lucas: I think it's because it has the shape of a bird's nest.

Nataku: Really? *never saw an actual one*


Fuuma: *is rowing toward the boat to catch up since he had to make a detour*

Karen: You know, you could just bring Kazuki with you on occasion.

Fuuma: We're only on land when we're doing raids these days. Would you want me to bring him that close to peril?

Karen: *eyes Fuuma* That's why you keep him out of the way and safe above all else.

Fuuma: Yes, dear, I know. He's still in one piece now, isn't he?

Karen: So next time just drop him off before you do the whole pillage and plunder bit.

Fuuma: But then I wouldn't get a chance to show you off. :)

Karen: Just keep rowing before I kick you.

Fuuma: *and we're at the boat, jumps onboard because X people have the 'I can jump higher than your skyscraper skills'*

Karen: *follows suit, sees Kazuki with a blonde boy she doesn't know* Who's that?

Fuuma: Hmm.

Reno: *slouches over* Hervey's new cabin boy or somethin'. He picked him not too long ago. *grins at Karen* Hey babe. You're lookin' as good as ever.

Karen: Same goes for you, hon. *smiles at Reno* Do you ever expect your flattery to get you anywhere?

Reno: No, that's why I give it so freely. But a guy can dream~ ;D

Karen: *ruffles Reno's hair as she detaches from Fuuma and goes toward Nataku* Careful now, 'hubby' might get jealous.

Fuuma: Nah, I'll leave that for 'special Uncle Aoki'.

Karen: *and for that Fuuma gets a whack upside the head*


Nataku: *was still babbling and dragging Lucas and--by proxy--Rude along* And that's the railing and... *blinks... sees his parents* :D! That's mommy and daddy making friends again!

Lucas: *following Nataku's pointing and...sweatdrops* They're..making friends that way?

Nataku: Well, daddy says mommy makes friends by setting people on fire. :O But he's already really good friends with mommy so she doesn't need to set him on fire. :3 Mommy says she makes sure to remind daddy she's really the bestest of friends with daddy by smacking him.

Lucas: ...Your parents are very loving, Kazuki.


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Fuuma: *walks over and ruffles Kazuki's hair* Look what I brought back.

Karen: *goes over to Kazuki and pulls him into a warm hug* Hey Kazuki. *turns to Lucas to smile, though she directs her question to the pale-haired child* Who's your new friend?

Hervey: *spots Lucas, Rude, and Kazuki on deck and goes over; addresses Lucas* So, why didn't you tell me you were all princely? D:

Reno: *saunters over, props one elbow on Rude's shoulder as he tilts his head at the ones before him* So, what's going down now?

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And feel free to delete the comment later. 8D I'm just too lazy to sign into AIM.

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Fuuma: Hey kiddo. *looks at Lucas* I think first he'd have to want this to be his home.

Karen: Sweetie, it doesn't work quite like that. I'm sure he has a mommy and a daddy who are very worried about him, just like I would be if you got taken away.

Reno: But who knows, he might like the pirate life. We get all the booze. ;P

Hervey: Yeah! And all the women. :D; Doyouknowhowlongit'll take for people to notice you're missing?

If you wanted to add it to the main entry and delete the comments, yah? 8D

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Karen: *hugs Kazuki again* No, he won't let anyone take you away.

Fuuma: I think anyone who tried to take you away would have more to worry about once mommy got aholed of them.

Reno: Damn straight it is.

Hervey: A few hours ago? D: *looks over his shoulder as though expecting to see the royal fleet coming from him, instead sees Sigurd* Siggy! :D; Why don't you help make our guest feel welcome?

Sigurd: *sighs* I hardly think he considers himself a guest.


Ayame: Yes~ but ah, that is simply one of the grand adventures of youth he has to look forward to. *reading over Shigure's shoulder, then straightens, arms spread wide as though basking in imaginary sunlight* How romantic it must be for a young man his age to be swept off his feet in the heat of the moment and whisked away on the clear blue seas.

Billy: *trying to not get a headache right now* Has anyone informed the General yet?

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Karen: So has daddy been behaving while mommy's been away?

Fuuma: *quirked eyebrow* Shouldn't you be asking me that about Kazuki?

Karen: He's not the one who acts like a brat.

Reno: Let's get a drink.

Hervey: I'll come with you!

Sigurd: *hand latches down on Hervey's forearm as he gives Lucas a tired smile* We will try to find a way to best get you back with minimal opposition.

Hervey: *whispers to Sigurd* I still say we just throw him back and let everything sort itself out.


Billy: *moves to stand closer to Zack and farther from the pair of idiots* When are they not at it?

Ayame: Oh, the untamed vigor and sleepless nights~! *dramatic sigh* If only he is so lucky as to be taken on such a magical journey. I remember the days when I would sit at the sea longing to hear the siren's call summoning me to those cool depths until the sun cast its final rays over the horizon and Tori-san showed up to escort me home in my fragile state of defeat.


Kintarou: *chasing after Roxas 'cause he can keep up* :D

Demyx: But Axel. D:

Axel: No.

Demyx: Come oooon.

Axel: I said no!

Demyx: But sleepovers are fun! I can braid your hair and you can invite Roxas.

Axel: *flat stare* ...You've got to be kidding me.

Demyx: :O Do you want to leave Roxas out then?

Axel: You're missing the point, as always.

Demyx: Well, what else are we going to do this weekend?

Axel: Why is it "we" all the time?

Demyx: Because we're a trio. :D It means we have to come in threes.

Axel: ....

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Karen: That was sweet of him. *smoothes Kazuki's hair from Fuuma's earlier ruffling* How would you like to come home with mommy again for a week or two?

Fuuma: Is mommy in that much of a hurry to ditch daddy already?

Karen: Mommy thinks Kazuki and daddy have been playing with the pirates long enough this month.

Reno: *grins at Hervey and waves* We'll make sure to drop by your funeral. *goes off with Rude*

Hervey: See! No harm done here.


Billy: ...any idea where he is now? *frowns and almost pouts at the hair ruffling* Oh, I'm just dandy.

Ayame: It was one of those instances where if the dearest wishes of my heart were revealed perhaps they might not have come true~ so even you, dearest Gure-san, had to be left in the dark until now.


Kintarou: Yeah! *is happily running along until Roxas goes through the short cut* No faaaair! *finds the first building he can scale to get around and make his own shortcut, when from above he sees* Axel! Demyx~! *and pounces the latter*

Demyx: You know it's -- UMPH. *flattened by Kintarou*

Axel: *snickers*

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Karen: Hmm. How about this then? However long you come stay with me this time, I'll stay here with you the next time. *looks at Kazuki for a moment, then Fuuma* If daddy wants to stay a few days on land, it wouldn't kill him either.

Fuuma: *grins at Kazuki and scoops the boy up in his arms* How's that sound?

Karen: Mommy and daddy might just need to bond some more on occasion.

Hervey: *too shocked to immediately react, reels backwards from the punch* :O! HEY. You punched me!


Billy: *lightly bats Zack's hand away* Only for now? And she's doing as well as ever.

Ayame: *grasps Shigure's hands* Oh, you're always so good to me~ how can I pay you back for all the instances of kindness you have shown me?


Kintarou: Myx! :D

Axel: *falls forward midlaughter, now has a Roxas on his back* Ow! Roxas, what are you doing?!

Demyx: *recovers enough to wheeze out* Ha...hah!

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Karen: Really. *smiles at Kazuki and plants a kiss on his cheek*

Fuuma: *amused, almost smirky* Mommy's being real nice today. *holds Kazuki securely against him*

Karen: *turns her smile on Fuuma even as she reaches up an gives a sharp tug on his hair* That's because mommy loves Kazuki very much.

Hervey: *getting ticked off with this prince-guy here D:* I have a name, you know. It's Hervey.


Billy: You always do. *smiles slightly at the grin before remembering himself and schooling his expression* Faster than I thought, but I suppose it should have been expected.

Ayame: Oh, Gure-san, you know you will always hold a very special place in my heart and that your role carries great weight no matter how small it might seem~!


Demyx: *having trouble catching his breath, what with Kintarou sitting on him and all; flails*

Kintarou: :O? Oh! Do you wanna play charades :D!?

Axel: Making yourself an Axel pancake. *recovers faster than Demyx, wait for it... and now the attempt to flip over so he's got Roxas pinned down*

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Fuuma: We are! Just like one big happy family.

Karen: Don't push it. *ear thwacking to Fuuma, then to Nataku* And you'll get to see all your other friends too.

Hervey: Not like you introduced yourself Mister prince-guy. D: Then I -- we wouldn't be in this mess! *arms crossed over his chest, scowl*

Sigurd: Hervey, you're really not helping.


Billy: They always do. I think if they had it their way you'd never leave.

Ayame: Yes, dearest flutter of my heart~?


Axel: Now why should I do something like that? *grins*

Kintarou: *keeps trying to guess what all the flailing from Demyx means* Bird? Fish? Fly away fish? Bees? D: *instead pounces on Axel so he can get to Roxas* Roxaaas, help me guess.

Axel: *and now he has a Kintarou hanging on his shoulder*

Demyx: *gasping for air* Get offa me so I can breathe!

Kintarou: THAT'S CHEATING! :O You're not supposed to talk.

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Karen: Of course. They'll all be really happy to see you again. *takes Kazuki from Fuuma to give him another hug*

Fuuma: *stretches his arms* I guess that means mommy wants us to get packed up soon.

Hervey: Well, you weren't going to come willingly now were you? And if I stood around introducing myself all the time I'd never get anywhere.


Billy: *teasing* I guess that happens when you're able to think like them.

Sephiroth: *exiting the royal audience chamber, looking none too pleased; spots Elena and Shigure* Have either of you seen Zack?

Ayame: *about to call after Gure-san, but* Tori-san! *brightens, without sparkles* What brings you here?


Axel: *is sandwiched between the two* Oif.

Kintarou: :O!! *shoves Axel off of Roxas and sits on Axel's back as he peers at Roxas* Are you okay?!

Axel: Hey! *tries to stand up, but Kintarou is persistent*

Demyx: *recovered enough to snickerfit* Axel got owned~

Axel: Shut up, you did too.

Demyx: *conveniently ignoring that fact*

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Fuuma: Yep, let's go. Think mommy'll help us this time, Kazu?

Karen: You could just ask. *is not going to put Kazuki down yet though, so where he goes mommy goes*

Fuuma: But you're so good at picking up on hints, dear.

Karen: Unlike a certain someone, hmm? *smiles falsely sweet*

Hervey: Exactly! You were a prisoner, you didn't need a name or know mine. I needed leverage to get all your guards to stop attacking me. I wasn't planning on holding you for ransom.

Sigurd: Then what were you planning, Hervey?

Hervey: :D;; Uh. To get back here, see if he wanted to become a pirate, and if not drop him off at the next island we get to?

Sigurd: There are so many flaws in that I don't know where to begin.

Hervey: ...D: Siguuurd. You're supposed to support me.


Sephiroth: *nods at Elena, eyes Shigure, then continues on in that direction*

Billy: *lips quirk* Because they would wound nothing except perhaps your ego, and that seems as healthy as ever.

Ayame: Oh! Yes, that must be quite a shock for everyone. Visiting with Gure-san of course~! Well, I was supposed to be fitting the prince for new clothes, only to discover he had disappeared before I had the chance. Alas~ he's all alone still wearing last season's threads.

Axel: Kintarou, get off. *for a small boy he's surprisingly hard to dislodge*

Kintarou: You're welcome~ :D *ignoring his seat*

Axel: *mutters to himself* I give up. *plays dead*

Kintarou: :O! Axel died! *starts shaking him some*

Demyx: Let me handle this one! *summons water to throw on Axel*

Kintarou: *jumps out of the way just in time*

Axel: *is now soaked on top of irritated* What did you do that for?!

Demyx: You died! Andohmygodnowyou'regoing tokillme. *books it out of there*

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Fuuma: *well, mommy does have the extra padding --*

Karen: *is ignoring Fuuma for now* Have you been keeping your room all nice and picked up while mommy's been away? *walks in that direction*

Fuuma: *follows after since Kazuki's room is just a smaller connection to his*

Hervey: *alarmed* So what are you going to do to me?

Sigurd: *notices the change in coloring* Are you feeling all right, Sir Lucas?


Billy: *about to say something further when the door bursts open*

Sephiroth: Walters! Sohma, Black, out.

Billy: *gulps, nods; as he's leaving, he makes a sign warding against evil behind Sephiroth's shoulder directed toward Zack*

Ayame: But a young man needs to be aware of these things! *chatters even as he leaves* Otherwise he'll have a growth spurt and find himself in short shorts and midriff bearing tops. Not that there's anything wrong with those, but they don't seem to be very much to our prince's taste.


Axel: Roxas. *is glaring at the direction Demyx left as he gets to his feet*

Kintarou: Aeri! Prim! Emmy! *happy day :D! jumps up and gives Aerith a hug, though keeps himself from tackling*

Axel: *stops short when he sees Aerith there* Well, er....


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Karen: *smiles* That's my good boy. *puts Kazuki down so they can pack* Do you like it out here with daddy and his... friends?

Hervey: *and sweat he does!* Heh, heh... Captain, right. *rubs where Lucas punched him earlier* I-I mean, the parents can just take their kid back, and no harm done right? *is bargaining*

Rufus: *emerging from his cabin* They could very well declare war on us just for all the implications of your actions.

Hervey: *nearly jumps three feet in the air* ...the who in the what now? :D;;

Sigurd: It just means you did a Very Bad Thing that could get all of us in trouble.

Hervey: Oh. I knew that (now). *wonders where the nearest shore is he can swim to*


Ayame: I don't live to dictate his tastes, only to fulfill his clothing dreams~! *seems to tone it down a little from the scolding*

Billy: *stands outside not too far away, busying himself with what he can*

Sephiroth: *unimpressed with Zack's behavior; mutters darkly* Erase the past few hours from history and restore the prince to his rightful place. *folds his arms across his chest* Who was in charge of leading the prince's guard this morning?


Axel: *is not pouting -- wait* ...you giggled. *snickers, brings forth enough flame to dry himself out*

Kintarou: Roxas and I were running around the city this morning~ then we saw Myx and Axel! :D We started playing charades, but Demyx cheated, and Axel died. *waves to Esmerelda and looks down at Primera grinning widely* We're almost all here~! Just missing Kazu.


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Karen: *looks saddened momentarily as well since she's very aware of that fact* I'm sorry, baby. *hugs Kazuki again, then says in a brighter tone* We'll just have to teach you even more things when we get back home this time.

Rufus: *flat expression at Hervey* Sigurd. You have ten seconds to get him out of my sight. *turns his gaze toward Tseng as he flicks his hair out of his face* Has there been any sign of pursuit?

Sigurd: Come on. *drags Hervey away*

Hervey: *needs no prompting!*


Ayame: It is not my place to tell him what to wear, though perhaps I may be so bold as to give him a suggestion~! *never mind he does that multiple times in the span of five minutes usually during fittings*

Billy: *catches sight of Sarah out of the corner of his eye and startles visibly as he turns around, a flower in hand* Can I help you?

Sephiroth: *lips press in a thin line* A cabin boy? How long did it take you to do the head count? *is very unimpressed; will need to do extra gardening later to keep his nerves from snapping*


Axel: You did too! *grins and slings an arm around Roxas's shoulders*

Kintarou: It was! *looks at Axel* That's because Myx saved him, though, ne. D: Why would Axel kill him for that?

Cloud: *quietly pipes in since he was walking over when he spotted the others* I saw Miss Karen leaving earlier today, so I believe he should be here soon.


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Karen: Of course. *smiles* Just like what they learn. Has daddy kept up in helping you with the lessons I sent along?

Rufus: *short nod as he flips his hair out of his face* I will trust you to tell me the moment something comes up. *glances at Lucas then back at Tseng* And see that the fool is properly dealt with for this infraction.


Ayame: *catches sight of Hatori's expression since as much as he rambles he pays close attention to the slight nuances of his friend* Are you quite all right, Tori-san? Overworked again?

Billy: ...fixing it. What brings you about?

Sephiroth: And what did you do after the chase attempt failed?


Axel: No, but I do have the memories.

Kintarou: *bounces over to tug on Axel's sleeve* Ne, ne, why kill someone for saving you?

Axel: He didn't save me!

Kintarou: Bu~ut. D: You looked like you were going to d i e.

Axel: Only because you wouldn't get off!

Cloud: Yes. *smiles slightly at Aerith, then at Esmerelda and Primera too* Finished for today.



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