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[livejournal.com profile] esrafil: Billy says if Zack was like that he wouldn't associate with him at all.
[livejournal.com profile] sapphirus: Zack says he wouldn't be so crude as to do what the apper's Zack does.

Zack: For one, I don't think Emmy would like me very much.

Zack: *is FOND of Emmy*

Billy: Nor would Prim.

Zack: Or Aerith or Cloud. *wraps arms around Billy* I have this strange feeling I'd be treated like the plague if I was.

Billy: Probably. *leans against Zack, just a bit* I'd douse you with Holy water and hoped you'd come to your senses.

Zack: As can be expected from the Royal Priest. *makes himself comfy around Billy* I'd at least get a nice shower out of it, I suppose.

Billy: Yes, since I'd prefer you not take out anyone with the smell. *places his arm around Zack's waist*

Zack: It -could- be funny, but you'd tell me to go away long before I even take a step in your direction.

Billy: Of course. *makes a face, then says teasingly* I suppose that'd be a sacrifice you'd have to make if you gave up personal hygiene.

Zack: *looks at Billy with -shocked- eyes, I tell you. Really!* Do you want to -kill- me, Billy? I couldn't possibly survive if I couldn't take one step in your direction!

Billy: Then I guess you'll just have to keep bathing regularly.

Zack: *leaning down toward Billy, nearly smirking* Will you join me then? Just to be sure I clean myself -properly- and don't omit any important body parts?

Billy: Perhaps. *innocent look* Have you been cleaning yourself improperly all this time?

Zack: -I- don't think I have, but I don't exactly look in the mirror while bathing. Thinking about it though, I might also have missed a sport or two on my back.

Billy: Oh dear. I could wash your back for you, then.

Zack: I'd appreciate that greatly. *grins*

Billy: *takes a step back and tugs Zack along* Shall we go then?

Zack: *and follows the tugging* The sooner we go, the sooner I'll be clean, right?

Billy: Mm. And would it be too much to ask you to return the favor?

Zack: *a slow pleased smile show on his face as he growls lowly* Not at all.. it would be my pleasure.

Billy: *might just flush slightly at the growl* All the more reason to go now? I am free for the moment, at least. *leads Zack along by the belt*

Zack: Mm, lead the way. *quite glad that Aerith and Cloud are hosting a sleep over for the kids tonight, yes he is.*

Billy: *dried off now, mostly, clad in a robe, though he's still toweling his hair*

Zack: *already seated on the bed, the General's right-hand man struggled with his hair for some time, roughly ruffling his hair dry before it could get the silly idea of dripping all over the sheets*

Billy: *raised eyebrow as he watched as Zack struggled with his hair before coming to sit behind him and taking over the brush*

Zack: Don't poke yourself in the eye. *doesn't protest Billy coming to the rescue however, and is even smiling at the priest*

Billy: I'll try to be careful. *smiles back at Zack as he dries the dark strands of hair, ruffling his fingers through them despite still being damp*

Zack: *leaves it to Billy then, relaxing even as the younger man cards fingers through the thick black mane*

Billy: *once the hair is dry enough, he sits the towel on the bed and wraps his arms around the other's waist as he plants a kiss on a well-muscled shoulder*

Zack: *rests his hand on Billy's hands, giving it a kind squeeze and then trailing calloused fingers across the pale skin* You still intact, back there?

Billy: With both eyes even. I have survived unscathed. *grins as he nuzzles against Zack's shoulder*

Zack: Good... I'd have a lot of trouble explaining to your dad how you ended up looking like Sigurd if anything had happened. *said in a lightly teasing tone*

Billy: *wry* Do you think he'd give you the chance to explain if he held you responsible for it?

Zack: Thus why I'd have trouble. I'd spend my time dodging his gunshots. *looks at Billy, still incredulous from the demonstration after all this time* He's even more of a sharpshot than you are.

Billy: I had to learn from someone. *sounds vaguely proud* But at least you're quick enough on your feet that he'd have a hard time hitting you.

Zack: I should probably train more tomorrow, just to be on the safe side. *as if he didn't already train at least an hour everyday* So, will the student surpass the master sharpshooter soon?

Billy: We'll see. *tightens his arms around Zack a little* I doubt it, though, unless I go out in the field like he does. Or if he becomes arthritic.

Zack: I think the world would end if Jessiah had trouble with his joints. *reaches behind him to pet Billy's (by now) dried hair* And I think I speak for all of us when I say it's better that you stay here and watch over the children and the kingdom. I wouldn't want you to get hurt, Billy.

Billy: Indeed. *leans into the petting* I don't plan on going anywhere. Dad'd probably send me back before I got anywhere near the battlefield anyway. *teasing as he pokes Zack's side* So you don't think I could handle myself out there?

Zack: *smiles over his shoulder, bravely ignoring the poke* I don't doubt your abilities at all. I simply know that the girls would fret if you did get hurt and I'd like to avoid that. Besides, if every warriors and combatants went to the battlefield, who would be left to protect the land?

Billy: *leans up to kiss Zack on the cheek* You mean you wouldn't single-handedly defend us all from whatever might come?

Zack: But I will! *mock offended tone* I just want further insurance that Primera and Emmy will be safe and sound. *of course, the sentiment does extend to more than just the two girls, but he prioritizes them since Billy can use firearms, Cloud is a fine bodyguard, and Aerith is an excellent healer and can use offensive magic if so required*

Billy: Then you have it. *tugs on a lock of Zack's hair* I think the girls are safe with everyone they've got looking after them.

Zack: *aaand leaning back lazily because he's being tugged. He won't crush Billy, but if he tugs again, the dark-haired man might want to tease him so* Oh Billy, I feel so relieved about that. *grins*

Billy: *tugs again, because he's feeling oh so daring* I'm sure. Just don't expect me to be your sidekick.

Zack: *will squish Billy at this rate, dear* But you fit the stereotype so well. Petite, long-ranged fighter with an adorable little sister.

Billy: *and that is still tugging from Billy* Do I get a cape?

Zack: *fine fine... he'll soon be flat on his back with Billy trapped under him* You're already wearing a cloak though.

Billy: *but not yet, and this is Billy nipping at Zack's neck* A cloak isn't a cape.

Zack: *there goes groaning* Technicalities, Billy.

Billy: *lips move against skin* Principles, Zack. You should at least clothe your sidekick properly.

Zack: *likes Billy's priorities, but when he's caught off guard by them like this, it often makes it difficult to think straight* I guess... as long as I get to undress you at some point. *before or after, whichever the priest'd prefer*

Billy: *but catching Zack off-guard is fun* Perhaps, unless you give me some reason to deny you the privilege. *teasing as he places a kiss where Zack's ear and neck connect*

Zack: *I'm sure it is, Billy* I'll be careful not to. *is he heavy yet? Because he'd totally flip over and pin the silver-haired man down the moment they reach the mattress.*

Billy: *biting on Zack again* Good. *is leaning back with the extra weight, his foot about to fall asleep, and hello there's the mattress*

Zack: *hello mattress? hello, trying to turn around so he can face his favorite sneaky priest and eventually succeeding after gently dislodging Billy from his neck area*

Billy: *he likes that neck, quite a lot in fact; doesn't protest being pinned down, though he does squirm a bit to try to work the feeling back into his foot*

Zack: *hopefully, Billy doesn't JUST love his neck. His wonderful personality and wit would take such a damaging blow after all! But, all in good time as he can feel Billy squirm without the commanding officer having done anything to his person yet. So... he trails a hand down the priest's thigh, guiding Billy's leg up so he may massage his leg* Something bothering you, Billy?

Billy: *it's the entire package, really, but the neck was there and tempting* My foot fell asleep when your heavy self was squashing me. *folds his arms behind his head once he's able to*

Zack: *thinks Billy's providing quite the nonchalant picture here and, were it not for the amazing bath earlier, would almost be offended (if not challenged)* Why blame me when you're the one who pulled me down, handsome? *still, he helps Billy regain some feeling in his foot, liking how small it feels in his hand*

Billy: *would never dream of offending Zack* I can't be held responsible for how much you weigh. *appreciates the foot rubbing, and bends one knee to rub his leg against Zack's*

Zack: *quirks a brow* Should I go on a diet then? *keeps on massaging Billy's foot, unprotesting of the leg rubbing*

Billy: I didn't say it was bad, I just said I wasn't held responsible. *thinks his foot is back to normal, but doesn't say anything* And you are heavier than me. *though Zack's taller too*

Zack: Oh, good... I was going to worry about whether or not my boots made me look fat next. *knows Billy's foot is back to normal by now, but just continues* It does give me some weight when assailants try something on me though.

Billy: As long as you fit into your clothes I don't think you have anything to worry about. *props himself up on his elbows to place a kiss on the tip of Zack's nose* I'll take your word for that, and stick to long-range fighting.

Zack: If you believe so, then I have no choice but to do the same. *eventually does stop with the foot rub in order to caress the full length of Billy's leg, leaning down to return-kiss the other's nose* And that's good. I'll have more time to beat the daylights out of them before they can even reach you then.

Billy: Hmm. *frees one hand to run it along Zack's torso* You still seem as fit as ever to me. *pitches his voice as he says teasingly* My hero.



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