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A drunk Hervey forgets Lucas is in his bed and one-sided cuddling ensues.

Sigurd: *went to bed whenever Sir Lucas went to bed, since at least that way should the prince need anything he's only across the room away*

Hervey: *spent the night drinking with Reno and Rude, since these could very well be his last days if Rufus stays mad at him, and was only making his way back to the cabin he shares with Sigurd now, his feet heavier and less sure than normal, though he was familiar enough with the way to his bed under these conditions; he got there, sitting heavily on the edge as he pulled off his boots and began disrobing for bed*

Lucas: *fast asleep on his temporary accommodation, he didn't notice anything until the bed dipped some, causing his consciousness to be pulled back to the surface and make him listen to his surroundings....it didn't sound like an assassin, but there was some rustling...*

Hervey: *let his clothes drop wherever they might fall before laying down in bed, which felt warmer than normal, but that was nice, so he just started snuggling toward the source of warmth since he was probably just imagining things anyway*

Lucas: *if the entire other side of the small bed dipping hadn't already made him open his eyes, the sudden snuggling against his back would have for being an alien thing to him. His teachers did make sure he could rough it during journeys in case anything would happen to his surroundings, but this would be the first time since childhood that anyone's used him as a cuddle toy. As it was, he looked over his shoulder and saw his kidnapper's face, obviously inebriated. Part of him wanted to push the man off the bed, if only because he was the cause of this situation, but he'd always been raised to be kind and attentive to the needs of others, thus he inched toward the wall, away from the pirate, resigning himself to a bed partner for the night*

Hervey: *hey! that wasn't cool, the warm object seemed to be on the move, so he followed, incoherent mumbling for the most part along the lines of* Where're y'going? *now more beneath the covers and toward the middle of the bed, he reached out an arm to pull the other back toward him, burying his face in soft strands of hair, eyes closing as he seemed content and not in a place to question*

Lucas: *his cheeks flushed with warm blood as he was pulled right back against the drunkard, both out of embarrassment and anger. Wasn't it enough that he'd shared his temporary bed with the pirate? Did he really need to drag him back toward him? The night was hot enough that he didn't need extra body heat to keep him warm and he was moving his arm back to shove the man away when Hervey snuggled even closer. Feeling the press of something soft against the top of his head, he blushed further. He didn't want to wake the entire ship, but this was...*

Hervey: *heat and warmth were two different things as far as he was concerned, and having someone else in his arms - imagined or real or whatever - was comforting all things considered, since it didn't happen all that often as Sigurd only caved every once in a while and there wasn't really anyone else on the ship he wanted to sleep with in any manner of the word. But, whoever it was now seemed to fit very well in his arms, even if the hair tickled as he breathed. He opened his eyes for a brief moment, but it was too dark and his mind to muddled to make out anything, so he just shut them again*

Lucas: *he knew the other man wasn't asleep yet as his breathing was still not slow enough yet, so he could still protest this arrangement and have the man occupy the floor space Tseng had prepared for him, but the warmth of another body was growing on the prince. It was a strange comfort, seeing how he was already of age and not a child anymore, but also appealed to his senses. Of course, it was still quite embarrassing to be trapped by a mere arm, making him all the more disinclined to alerting anyone of this, but he didn't entirely want to push the pirate away. A single night couldn't hurt, could it? Nothing was happening at the very least.*

Hervey: *murmured words fell against the side of the other's head, though even if they were loud enough to be heard, they likely wouldn't have made much sense as he was barely aware of having spoken at all. In the back of his mind a suspicion grew that he wasn't supposed to be in his bed tonight, but that was silly, because if he wasn't in his bed where else should he go? Instead he shifted his hold a bit, grasping soft fabric and moving his hand as though by touch that might help him identify his current companion. The chest was flat, not a surprise since if it was Karen he'd probably already be set on fire by now.*

Lucas: *sleep had just been within grasp again when he felt movement again. That was a bit annoying when he still hadn't gotten enough sleep and, taking hold of that seemingly curious hand, he directed it back down. His midsection was the most neutral area he could think of without moving the older man's arm off him entirely and so he willfully kept it trapped there*

Hervey: *now that his hand seemed trapped, he decided to settle down for now. Somewhat, anyway, since his fingers began drawing idle circles against the other's abdomen. Drowsiness started to creep over him, but slowly since he hadn't quite yet relinquished attention to whomever else was in his bed*

Lucas: *he sighed quite simply when the pirate mostly complied to his guidance, ignoring the foreign stir of sensation caused by the circular movement on his stomach. There simply was no way anyone--much less his current bed partner--would stop him from taking advantage of the night to rest up. That said, he allowed his body to relax itself where he was placed and spoke up in a soft, but clear enough voice, just enough to reach the pirate's ears* Good night, Hervey.

Hervey: *since there seemed no resistence to the movement, he continued with it until starting to drift off himself, his breathing evening out. He stirred somewhat when he heard the other speak, the voice ringing a bell but not enough to be readily placed* G'night stranger. *he mumbled the words, but as soon as he said them something seemed to click in his mind* Lucas? *he said dubiously -- no, he must've already fallen asleep, since if he was actually sharing his bed with the prince he would already be pushed out of it given the way the other seemed fed up with his behavior, though why he'd be dreaming about the blonde was beyond him*

Lucas: *being asleep again, he didn't hear the sound of his name, his breathing slow and steady again, tucked against Hervey as he was*

Hervey: *allowed the thought to drift away since he got no response, and soon found himself drifting off to sleep as well*
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