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Pretend the following:

Sora, Roxas and Demyx are 7 years old.
Riku is 8.
Axel is 9.

There was a war, the parents died, the KH gang have lived in an orphanage managed by sisters (owned by Jessiah Lee Black).

(on finding out Roxas and Sora are being adopted)

Axel: ... *leaves the orphanage and just takes off running*

Demyx: Hey! Axel! *chases after him*

Axel: *ignoring Demyx and keeps going until he can't anymore, then leans against a wall, sliding down inch by inch until his arms hug his knees*

Demyx: *panting as he catches up, hand resting flat against the wall* Where are you going?

Axel: Away. Leave me alone. *doesn't look up at him, or at anything really*

Demyx: But, Axel. D: *plops on the ground next to the redhead* Sora and Roxas are leaving, so we -

Axel: *snaps, shaky* I know that already!

Demyx: *jumps* Oh. *goes quiet for once as he thinks, then* Oh. You're sad 'cause Roxas won't be here anymore.

Axel: Shut up! *petulant* I am not.

Demyx: *acts like he hasn't heard that, which he probably didn't since he keeps talking as though uninterrupted* I will be too. But hey, just think, we can still see them at school and maybe another family'll adopt us too, then -

Axel: I don't want another family! *glares at Demyx* I had one, and then they left. *doesn't see any reason to give another one a chance to do the same*

Demyx: *decisive* Then I don't want one either. I'll stay here with you.

Axel: Don't be stupid. *gives Demyx an odd look* You'll probably get adopted too.

Demyx: Nuh-uh! *insistent* Not unless you come too, and since you don't wanna go I'm not gonna. We can't let the group get split up anymore than it is.

Axel: *blank stare, though the words are delivered in a quiet tone* You really are an idiot.

Demyx: ...:<

Axel: *pauses a long moment then pats Demyx on the head*

Demyx: :D!


Roxas: *even more quiet than usual*

Sora: *hyper since they got adopted, but...yeah, sad because they're going to leave people behind* Hey, Roxas? We'll still see them at school.

Riku: *heard the news earlier, but is only just now approaching* Hey... is it true that you guys are leaving?

Roxas: *just going to curl around the black humanoid plushie he's always had*

Sora: Riku! *gets off Roxas' bed and goes to his best friend* When did you hear about that? *not denying is just the same as agreeing*

Riku: *takes that for what it is; goodbye denial* Earlier today. *tries to seem nonchalant about it* Did you get to meet the family that's taking you away?

Sora: *if Riku's trying to be nonchalant, Sora doesn't notice it at all* Yeah! This morning too! *looks abashed* When the sisters came today, I wasn't too sure about how I felt, but they're great! *looks...happy about having found people who want them BOTH, not just one twin or the other*

Riku: *quiet for a moment since it means Sora really is leaving about it, but since Sora's happy about it he will be too* That's good. *or he will at least try to be* Do you... know when you'll be going?

Sora: *quieter since... wah, going soon! D:* Tomorrow afternoon... *tries to perk up* But it's not too far at all! You know the sushi shop three blocks away from Big Sister Aerith's shop? That's where we'll live now!

Riku: *nods at that, and does feel somewhat relieved since it's not that far* Yeah, I know that one. And we'll still see each other around a lot, right?

Demyx: Roxas! Sora! *bursts into the room* Oh good, you guys haven't left yet. :D *goes over and sits on Roxas's bed*

Axel: *grumbles* Of course they haven't, we were only gone a couple hours. *follows behind Demyx, and glances at Roxas then away*

Roxas: *is watching the sky...because somehow, dusk soothes him*

Demyx: *leans over Roxas and looks and waves a hand in front of his face* D: Are you sad too?

Axel: Why don't you leave him alone? He's leaving soon anyway. *is still sulky even if he did come back*

Demyx: Exactly! Which is why we need to spend as much time as possible together.

Sora: *usually does like Axel, but that makes him scowl* Axel...

Roxas: *quietly tightens his hold on his plushie since it's obvious Axel isn't going to talk nice to him. Talk about being backstabbed by your best friend*

Riku: *frowns at Axel* You should be happy for him, they're going to have a family again.

Axel: *ignores Sora and rolls his eyes at Riku* I'm not happy about it, and I'm not going to fake I am like you do.

Riku: You're really pushing it, Axel. *eyes narrow* Stop acting like you're the only one upset here.

Demyx: Axel! Riku! Knock it off. *sad face*

Roxas: . . . *suddenly ups and climbs out of the window (first floor room rocks!), speeding away to the usual place without looking back*

Sora: Look, her-... *hears and sees Roxas move away and turns to his twin, seeing him run from this place* Roxas!! *goes after*

Axel: *surprised at that* Roxas....

Riku: Good move. *goes after Sora*

Axel: *very quietly* Sorry, Demyx. *follows out the window and takes off after Roxas*

Demyx: *finally gives into crying and says sniffly* Why does it have to be this way now? ;_;

Sora: *catching up to Roxas bit by bit since he knows his twin isn't going to really leave him behind the way he would anyone else chasing him* Roxas! Wait up!

Roxas: *while it's true he wouldn't leave Sora behind, he does still keep on running toward the abandoned tower. It's quiet and tall enough and has always been a comfort to the younger boy when he's distressed. Soon enough, after climbing all the stairs, he comes to a stop at the western window, the black plushie hanging sadly from his hand as he tries not to cry. Now that he's stopped moving however, those tears do flow out from his eyes*

Sora: *breathing heavily, and definitely concerned now--he really did think Roxas was doing good earlier about the adoption, he didn't seem displeased by it--he climbs the last step, leaning a hand on the wall* R-Roxas...

Riku: *catches up to Sora, coming to a halt beside him* Hey, you all right?

Axel: *climbs the tower steps, pushing past both Riku and Sora since he has a rather single-minded goal as he starts farther inside the tower*

Riku: *grabs Axel's wrist as he's brushing by* Don't you think you've already upset him enough?

Axel: *casts Riku a look of exasperation* I know that already, so just stay out of it, Riku.

Riku: ... *looks at Axel a long moment then lets go of him* If you make things worse, I'm going to make you regret it. *dislikes seeing either Sora or Roxas upset*

Axel: *contemptous look, words hissed* I don't need you for that. *proceeds once more* Roxas?

Sora: *had a bit of time to catch his breath before the older two boys arrived and looks grateful for Riku's presence* I'm all right... *turns his eyes toward where Roxas's standing, with a worried frown* Roxas though...

Roxas: *aside from the occasional sniffing, he doesn't make much sound, tears flowing on his cheeks. Eventually, he does bring a hand to try and wipe at least one side of his face. He's not ignoring Axel though... he's just hurt by his previous attitude*

Riku: *not that winded, but he is a year older and his legs are longer* I know. *watches Sora for a moment, then keeps a close eye on Axel*

Axel: *enters and crosses the room in long strides now that it seems that he isn't going to be stopped; he hesitates a foot away before taking slow steps forward* Roxas, I... *seems at a loss for what to say, then looks at Roxas's reflection in the mirror and sees the tears* You're --?! *he wraps his arms tight around the other's shoulders in an impulsive hug and buries his face against the messy hair as he whispers an apology*

Roxas: *he'd like to be able to say that he doesn't want to go live with their new parents, but it'd be a lie. Yet it is true he doesn't want to leave when his bestest friend, next to Sora, is going to be left behind at the orphanage. They won't live far, it's true, but it'll be so much different from sleeping in the same dorm and listening to everyone whisper to each other at night and the tight-knit intimity and friendship is going to be sorely missed. Thus... he just grabs onto Axel's sleeve with his free hand, the closest anyone's seen him sob openly*

Sora: *D: Wants to go hug his twin since this is, by proxy of Roxas being in pain, hurting him too, but he already did speak to Roxas before with their new parents and so... he shuffles his feet uneasily*

Axel: *not quite sure how to handle a crying Roxas, since this situation is a lot different than the ones with Demyx, who's a crybaby anyway* Hey, Roxas? *murmuring so only Roxas can hear, though it's not intentional at this point in time* I shouldn't have said what I did, even if it's true. *tightens his hold around Roxas and would fight anyone who tried to pry him away right now* You're my best friend and I... I can't make you stay, but I'll sneak out to visit you a lot and maybe we can have sleepovers. *lifts his hand to cover Roxas's with his own*

Riku: *looks away since it doesn't seem right to stare and gives a light tug to Sora's sleeve* I think Roxas'll be okay. Do you still wanna stay?

Sora: *looks at Riku and shakes his head almost immediately* No... *tugs right back at Riku's sleeve toward the staircase, and in a softer voice than he uses in normal times* Can we wait for them downstairs though?

Riku: *nods* Yeah, let's go. *exuent Riku and Sora down the stairs to wait at the bottom of the tower*

Roxas: *in his quiet voice, obviously peppered with a few gentle sobs and sniffs* S.... sorry.. *because Sora's the optimist one, it doesn't occur to him to perhaps thank Axel for the sleepover suggestion. It's an excellent idea, but Axel does obviously doesn't want him to go away and he doesn't completely want to leave either*

Axel: *keeps hugging Roxas even as he raises a careful hand to wipe at the salty trails left on Roxas's cheeks; a look of mild surprise crosses his features, but he can understand why Roxas said that* I am too. *he is quite selfish, and wants to keep Roxas all to himself (with a concession for Sora since he's the twin brother), but he knows he can't*

Roxas: *eventually does stop crying because there's only so much water he has in him to spare. That said, he's still attached to Axel because he doesn't want to let go of his best friend*

Axel: *once it seems Roxas has stopped crying he eases his hold, though does not let go entirely since that isn't an option - not that he would even if it were - but lifts his eyes to meet Roxas's in the glass* We can always return here.

Roxas: *the non-sequitur makes the younger boy look up, not at the reflection in the glass, but at Axel's face itself, peered from over his shoulder* H-huh...? *quietly he sniffs a few more times, riding out the last effects of his crying fest*

Axel: *repeats himself, then clarifies* Here, the tower. *slight grin* I know you're getting a new family, but this can be our home. *since he doesn't think of the orphanage as one*

Roxas: ...home? *this concept sounds strange after having lost his first one... if anything, this feels like his favorite hangout, but... if Axel thinks it can become home...* Can it really be that?

Axel: *looks at Roxas closely* I don't see why it can't be. *quick rise and fall of his shoulders* It's where we can come back to to be with who we like.

Roxas: *thoughtful silence before nodding* I'd like that...

Axel: So would I. *still seeming in no hurry to let go of Roxas, but* You're happy to have a family again, right?

Roxas: Mm... *it's comfortable so hey, not moving away yet, though he does move his head for a small nod* They're not... *has a brief pained look* not mom and dad... but maybe...

Axel: *rests his cheek against Roxas's hair 'cause it's softer than he would have thought* Yeah... if you end up not liking it there, then I'll come bust you out. *tone has grown lighter by this point in time, bit by bit*

Roxas: *is not going to like it at first, of course, because he'll miss everyone, but he nods again* Don't burn everything down though.

Axel: I'll only burn the door down to get you out. *and maybe set their hair on fire if they've been mistreating Roxas, but he doesn't need to know that*

Roxas: *thinks about it... and looks at--or tries to anyway--Axel* Only if you have Demyx with you to extinguish the fire.

Axel: *pouts a little, since he'd rather rescue Roxas on his own, but* All right. *grudging* But he'll probably wake everyone in the neighborhood before we can get there.

Roxas: *very simply* Gag him then.

Axel: Yeah, I guess. *remembers, then glances over his shoulder and sees that Riku and Sora aren't there anymore*

Roxas: *just stays quiet when Axel's quiet, but can feel him move, so...* ?

Axel: *considers not mentioning anything, though he finally says* Riku and Sora... they're probably downstairs now, if they didn't go back to the orphanage.

Roxas: *remembers suddenly that Sora DID come after him and...that he IS strangely absent. He blinks* ...we should probably go too then. *after all, dusk is gone by now and it wouldn't do to walk in the dark alone, even if his best friend is a fire empath*

Axel: Yeah, I guess. *isn't moving all that quick, though he drops his arms from around Roxas and takes a small step back*



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