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[livejournal.com profile] esrafil LUCAS WEARING SHORT SHORTS 8D
[livejournal.com profile] sapphirus xD
[livejournal.com profile] sapphirus WHICH MIGHT BE WHAT GOT TO HERVEY?
"Hervey: What sort of PRINCE would wear short SHORTS?? D: It's not MY fault he decided to dress up like a normal cabin boy!"
[livejournal.com profile] sapphirus .....8D is the argument I almost hear right now
[livejournal.com profile] esrafil XDDD
[livejournal.com profile] esrafil right now Hervey!brain is more OHMYGODTSENGISGOINGTOKILLMETOKEEPRUFUSHAPPYISN'THE?
[livejournal.com profile] sapphirus 8DDDDDDDDDDD
[livejournal.com profile] sapphirus MAYBE?
[livejournal.com profile] sapphirus OR MAYBE HE JUST LIKES YOU TO FEEL PARANOIA?

Hervey: Either way, THAT'S NOT COOL. D:

Lucas: You're not acting very cool yourself, Hervey.

Hervey: YOU'RE not the one who's going to be a moving target. D:

Lucas: You didn't exactly properly justify kidnapping me to your shipmates.

Hervey: I'm a pirate, it's what we do. How else do we get new recruits?

Lucas: Do you mean to tell me you got -kidnapped- in order to become a pirate? *flat look*

Hervey: No, I've always been a pirate. :O

Lucas: Then how did that pirate brain of yours come to the conclusion that your hostages would ever want to become pirates?

Hervey: It worked when Fuuma got Kazuki!

Lucas: *another flat unimpressed "omg you're an idiot" stare* Does that kid look like a pirate to you?

Hervey: Does Rufus look like a pirate to you?

Lucas: A corporate pirate.

Hervey: And Kazuki's a chibi pirate.

Lucas: He seems more like a child who is fascinated by boats and details.

Hervey: See? Anyone can be a pirate!

Lucas: I imagine Kazuki'll become the captain of a naval fleet, not a pirate.

(Shigure: Such denial from our prince, A~ya...)

Hervey: I doubt it. Someone'd have to steal him back from Fuuma, and that ain't happening. :O

(Ayame: It's so tra~gic, isn't it Gure-san?)
(Homunculus: *floating somewhere above Eike's head, wondering why those two clowns decided to monopolize his window (tho it's true he doesn't use it anymore now that he's WITH his primary source of entertainment)*)
(Shigure: If only we could reach out and help him~)

Lucas: His mother seems set on keeping him straight.

(Eike: *don't do that* When did you get here?)
(Ayame: I know~ just a little nudge in the right direction and he could see all that he's missing.)

Hervey: She's one of us too. :D Sorta.

(Homunculus: *What? Not sitting on your head? We can correct that if you want* I've always been here. *tugs idly at Eike's ponytail*)
(Shigure: All the great adventures he's forsaking right now~)
(Eike: *That isn't a correction needed, thank you very much* Do you ever go anywhere else? *frees his ponytail, or tries to*)
(Ayame: Romance and excitement on the high seas slipping through his fingertips~)

Lucas: She either is or isn't.

Hervey: She is, but she isn't.

Lucas: And how do you explain that in layman's terms?

(Homunculus: *pity* On occasion. *doesn't let go and tugs again*)

Hervey: When she's here, she's one of us. When she's on land, she's uhh, one of them.

(Eike: *frowns* Could you stop doing that?)
(Shigure: Oh, A~ya, we need to teach our prince to be more opportunistic.)
(Homunculus: I was pulling on your hair, Eike?)

Lucas: I highly doubt she could do that without being hunted down when she stays on land.

(Ayame: We must. Otherwise, he'll keep passing up all these opportunities. Oh, to be in the throes of passionate youth again~!)
(Eike: What would you call it?)

Hervey: Well, where else does she go when she's not on the boat?

Lucas: ...Mister Sigurd, your partner's brain is broken.

Sigurd: *knocks on Hervey's head* It's just been taking a really long vacation.

Hervey: Hey! *D:*

Lucas: Would knocking harder make it come back from that?

Sigurd: No, I don't think so. I was just makig sure it wasn't sleeping.

Lucas: Then I guess there's no hope for him.

Sigurd: None at all.

Hervey: Stop talking about me like I'm not here!

Lucas: Did you hear something, Mister Sigurd?

Sigurd: Just the wind in the sails.

Hervey: Sigurd!

Lucas: That's quite a nice breeze on such a warm day.

Sigurd: The weather has been quite favorable this time of the year.

Hervey: *sulky* Fine, take his side. See if I care.



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