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[life lessons with Fuuma: explaining what a bioroid child is]

Fuuma: Well, when a man loves his chemistry set very much --

Karen: Don't listen to him, he's being a moron.

Fuuma: I'm only trying to enlighten the children.

Karen: Corrupt is more like it.

Fuuma: C'mon, what else is a guy going to do with a beaker?

Karen: ...


Fuuma: I can't be held responsible for other people's kinks. ;D

Nataku: What are kinks, daddy?

Fuuma: Well, they're --

Karen: *hisses into Fuuma's ear and out of Nataku's hearing* Keep it G-rated or you're going to have worse than your hair set on fire.

Fuuma: Different things people are attracted to. *gives Karen an innocent look*


[what would happen if Karen and Axel were mad at each other]

Nataku: o_o *tugs at Daddy* Why is mommy and mister Axel on fire?

Fuuma: *pats Nataku on the head* That's their way of making friends.

Nataku: They make friends that way, daddy?

Nataku: Does it mean mommy made friends with Uncle Aoki that way?

Fuuma: No, Uncle Aoki is mommy's "special" friend.

Nataku: How is he special? :O

Fuuma: I think mommy would set my hair on fire if I told you that now.

Nataku: She'd make friends with you, daddy? :O

Fuuma: Yes, she would. *ruffles Nataku's hair*

Nataku: Oh! .....:D Then go make friends with her, daddy! *cos he loves it when his parents are friends, of course*

Fuuma: Mommy and I already made friends before you came around. :)

Nataku: Really? :O So would that mean you'd be even better friends if she set you on fire now?

Fuuma: Nah, we're better friends now because she's not setting me on fire.



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